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Please see below, a message sent out to all clubs on 27 November 2017.


The response has been good but there are still club who have not sent in their I.D. Cards or their club application for season 2018.


It is very important that VicSoccer gets as much support from the all clubs to enable the construction of all the different division for this season.


If there are any changes to the number of teams from your club from last season to this season, please let us know as soon as possible. If we


receive no contact what so ever, is this an indication that your club does not wish to participate for season 2018 ?


Please do not leave your club applications to the last minute as this only puts a great amount of pressure on the office.


Any issues, please call Keith on 0432 996 216.





Dear secretary, could you please locate and then return your clubs PLAYER I.D.CARDS as soon as possible to the


office, if your club already has done so then this part of this email does not apply to your club


OFFICE P.O.BOX :- VicSoccer

                                 P.O. Box 2407

                                 Werribee 3030


To assist the office in preparing for season 2018, we would need to know if your club is increasing the number of teams


in your club, or decreasing the number of teams in your club or not returning next year by either moving to another


league or not playing at all next season.


The 2018 Application form is on the website, on the home page under DOCS 2018, PLEASE COMPLETE IT AND SEND IT TO




If we know how many teams are returning  and we know how many new teams are joining we can organise the divisions  and therefore organise


the fixtures. So please assist the office and get this information in as soon as you can,


Many thanks,




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