CLUB REGISTRATION AND PLAYER I.D. CARDS..........................

Vicsoccer, Sat Mar 17, 2018 5:13PM

VicSoccer is now at the stage of the season whereby all club should have been


registered, and paid for their registration.

Unfortunately there are still clubs that have not made the effort to do this simple job.

This means that a few clubs are delaying the construction of both the division and the



As March 31 is around the corner here is a reminder to clubs that have not registered,


your club is not registered for Public Liability insurance and as such your council


WILL NOT ALLOW your club to play on their pitches - please ACT NOW !!!!

The office is ready to do the divisions and the fixtures but cannot do so until those clubs


get their registration in asap.


It is the club's responsibility to register the club - do this now.

We also need the list of players that you are retaining from last season, plus, passport


size photographs and appropriate supporting  photographic evidence like a copy of a


drivers licence or student card for new players that you are signing.


Do not delay in getting your I.D. Cards organised, remember,


it is the club' responsibility to get your players organised with their I.D. Cards do this




Any issues regarding registration or organising I.D. Cards, please contact


Keith on 0432 996 216.


Many thanks....................................













Last updated: Monday March 19, 2018 7:12PM
Author: Keith Charlesworth

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