FXTURES FOR SEASON 2018 - ON WEBSITE NOW...................

Vicsoccer, Thu Apr 5, 2018 1:37PM

At this time of the year all clubs, player, officials, supporters, referees and


administrators are all united in their excitement with the season so close to starting.


The development of the fixtures is a complex and convoluted process. We have many


different issues to contend with, but with help from all concerned we are now ready to


release the fixtures for season 2018.


This is a thankless task knowing that to keep everybody happy with their particular


request for fixtures is almost impossible to achieve.


Within VicSoccer there is a real desire to assist each other to get games played. If your


club has not got the draw that you was hoping for, you can always request from your


opponents, assistance to change a particular fixture.


Here is to season always enjoy your football.







Last updated: Wednesday April 18, 2018 7:04AM
Author: Keith Charlesworth

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