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To all club secretaries.............................


The start of the 2018 season is just a few days away and as such this is


the perfect time to remind club secretaries of some jobs that need to be


completed prior to the start of the season.


We need two lists of players, the first list needs to contain any players


that played for your club last season, and will be playing for you again


this season.


Please note once you have registered a player to your club you DO NOT


have to re register him the following season, as he is already in the




The second list is for new players that you will be signing for this season.


Along with this list you will need to provide a passport size photograph


and another piece of photographic evidence like a drivers license or


student card etc.......


Both lists need to be sent to :-


The sooner theses tasks can be completed the sooner we can complete


 Your teams I.D. Cards.


Any issues, please call Keith on 0432 996 216.






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Author: Keith Charlesworth

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