Two weeks to kick off, is your club ready ?

Vicsoccer, Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:02AM

The League season is just two weeks away. Is your club ready for action ?


Have a look at this checklist to see if your club has completed the appropriate task to set your club up for the upcoming




1. Submitted a club application form.


2.Organised your ground from your provider.


3. Ensure that your ground is ready for the opening game of the season on Sunday 07 April. Lines need to be compliant, nets,


corner flags etc need to be ready for the opening game.


4. Club registration fees should have been paid by now.


5. The office requires a list from your club stating which players are returning that have already registered from previous


seasons and which new players you are signing for the first time.


Any issues with any of this information, please call Keith on 0432 996 216.





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