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2020 Season Cancelled

 SEASON 2020


This Email is directed at everyone involved with VicSoccer.


That is all players, supporters, Board Members of our clubs, back room staff such as coaches,

physiotherapist etc, match officials, volunteers, and sponsors.


A couple of weeks ago we sent to our clubs a direction containing a four-point return to football



Since sending the email, the spread of the pandemic appears to be out of control, with the State

Government placing many suburbs into lockdown, making it impossible for games to be

played, in a safe manner.


It is important to focus in on the point of being able to play games in a safe manner.


We all love this game, we are all fanatical about this game, but we all have a responsibility to stop

the spread of COVID – 19.


By playing games, we run the risk of spreading the virus and placing everyone in the community

at risk, not just the football community, but people outside our football community, people like your

parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents, wife, partner in fact, anyone.


We are prepared to lose the season, but we are not prepared to lose a person’s health and

wellbeing or even worse, their life.


Everyday, the number of people getting the virus is greater than the previous day.


Therefore, after a great deal of soul searching and many many meetings the Board of

Management has made the decision to cancel all League and Cup games for season 2020.


This decision is based purely and simply on the health and safety of all people connected to

VicSoccer and everyone in the community.


At this stage there will be no football until season 2021.


In the unlikely situation that there is an improvement to the point that the safety of all is not placed

in danger, then we will consider a round robin style tournament, if time, access to pitches and a

desire to compete exists.


To those clubs that have deposited funds into the VicSoccer account, they will be reimbursed in full,



Thank you,

Board Of Management,



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